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Cybernium is proud to announce Neopanoramic, a hub for everything there is to know about panoramic photography.  It starts with a free How To Make a Panorama tutorial and continues with reviews of popular panorama software,  including  free and commercial ones.  Useful gear for creating panorama photos are described and selected by how well suited for panoramic photography they are.

The concept behind Neopanoramic is that the website should be as wide as possible in order to inspire more people to create panoramas.  Front-and-center is a panorama which appears on every page and stretches to fit the highest resolution displays currently available. A new panorama is scheduled to appear each week to keep things fresh.

Head-on to Neopanoramic to see the weekly panorama and learn about panoramic photography.

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One response to “Neopanoramic Launches”

  1. Justin says:

    Nice! Love the panorama at the top of pages.



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