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Today marks the 6th annivesary of Neocamera bringing informative reviews focused on helping people choose the best digital camera for their needs.  The original 10-page Digital Camera Buying Guide made its impact, as did the DSLR Buying Guide added later and finally the Lens Buying Guide and we will continue to keep them up with changes in the world of digital cameras.

Last year  we unveiled a new BETA version of Neocamera, creating a modern digital camera site with unprecedented features including the most detailed DSLR lens search database and powerful camera search. We also made it easy to keep track of interesting cameras and lenses via the Camera Bag feature available on most pages.

Building the new Neocamera was a humongous task both in coding and data collection from all major manufacturer. At the time of launch over 9,000 files were created and we have recently surpassed 10,000! The new platform makes it easier to add new content and to focus on creating relevant information for buyers of digital cameras. Plenty of new content is coming but first we needed to make sure the entire platform was trouble free. 100% of all issues reported in the BETA period were address so we are fully ready to move forward.

Onwards we go! While our ability to read minds is constantly improving we value your feedback, so keep them coming and feel free to suggest new contents in the comments section below.  To not miss any updates, do not forget to subscribe to our RSS and Twitter feeds.

We are really happy to already helped millions of visitors and each one of you can help us too by simply blogging, tweeting and spreading the word about Neocamera. A special thanks is due to Pixiq who named us among the list of Unmissable Photography Sites. Thank you all and see you at Neocamera!

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