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The redesigned Neocamera brings powerful new features to the popular digital camera buying guide. Visitors can now search among all current digital camera models by features or specifications to find cameras that satisfy their photographic needs. Hundreds of current DSLR lenses can be searched for with equal ease using the all-new lens search feature.

It’s been just over five years since Neocamera was launched and since the original 16 pages were published the initial design stayed the same.  After passing the 100-page mark, it seemed necessary to make a more scalable design. That was three years ago… The site grew much more since and so did the task of rewriting it. So, after working intensely for five months and uploading nearly 9000 files to our new server, the all-new Neocamera has arrived.

Neocamera remains true to its origins. It features two refreshed buying guides, one for digital cameras in general and one for DSLRs, that address modern developments such as DSLR video and ILCs. It has plenty of Camera Reviews, Photography Articles and Book Reviews as well. The task of bringing over all the reviews and articles was so huge that some had to be left behind. Every full and detailed review is currently available although summary reviews for discontinued cameras are not. All relevant feature articles and book reviews remain.

While in the BETA phase Neocamera will continuously be fine-tuned. The support of its advanced features requires browsers that comply with modern standards, including HTML 5, CSS 3 and Javascript. Although extensive tests were carried, problems may arise.  Should this happen, please use the problem report form linked from the BETA label at the top of the page. That form is specially designed to help us better identify issues.

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