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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so it makes me very proud that most features introduced last year for version 2 of Neocamera have been adopted by DPReview, undoubtedly the most recognized digital camera site in the world.

The latest feature announcement was made yesterday with this post describing their new My Short List functionality which has exactly the same feature set as Neocamera’s Camera Bag which was described right here last September.

Just a few weeks ago they added a lens database and search functionality similar to Neocamera’s Lens Finder by Specifications. They also added similar capabilities to their camera search, just like the Camera Finder By Specification. These are search engines for finding cameras and lenses based on exact specifications. For more beginner-oriented searches, Neocamera also lets people search Lenses By Features and Cameras By Features.

Now that these features have made it so far, guess it is time for Neocamera to get out of BETA! Seriously, this was the plan all along. The end of BETA is scheduled for May 9th which coincides with Neocamera’s 6th anniversary.

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