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Today, Neocamera shows a new sleek and refined design. This new look takes further advantage of HTML 5 to bring more interactivity and advanced features. The front page features all our buying guides prominently, including a new Mirrorless Camera Buying Guide to be announced officially shortly, after making sure the new design is stable.

All pages have been refreshed to the new layout and now feature a sticky main menu that lets visitors access all out resources with extremely few clicks. Sharing pages from Neocamera is easier than ever with a floating panel of buttons, instead of having to scroll down all the way to the bottom.

The new Neocamera expands itself to bring you wider content and show more information about cameras and other photography gear. With 92% of visitors already have at least screens of a least 1280 pixels wide, it made sense to expand a little.

Note that those who visited Neocamera yesterday will have out-of-date files in their cash. So if things look strange, refresh your browser. Some require two refreshes to update dependent files like CSS and Javascript.

While has already been tested with 24 different browser and operating system combinations, there are many more out there and if things still look wrong after refreshing your cache, those using HTML 5 capable browsers can report problems. Just fill out the Report Problem form accessible from the BETA label above the Neocamera logo.

Over the next few weeks, the design will be polished further while we try to make it work for most of our visitors. Unfortunately, some people may be left behind until they upgrade to new browsers. This is necessary in order to provide important features to help you find cameras and lenses that suit your needs.

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