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ZY Optics just launched the first version of their extremely-bright 50mm F/0.95 for Canon EF-mount. This makes it the brightest lens currently available for any DSLR. ZY Optics has been producing extremely bright lenses for many mirrorless mounts where the shorter flange-distance is favorable to implementing this type of lens.

ZY Optics Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm F/0.95 EF Lens

The new Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm F/0.95 represents the fourth-generation F/0.95 lens and is remarkably polished. As with all ZY Optics lenses, this is a completely manual lens with both an aperture-ring and a focus-ring. Its 50mm focal-length on a Full-Frame camera gives a natural perspective with a 45° angle-of-view, while the F/0.95 maximum aperture produces razor-thin depth-of-field that can isolate neatly subjects.

To realize such a lens for SLR mount, ZY Optics employed highly specialized glass that is designed to minimize chromatic aberrations. Using a 11-blade iris, its bokeh can blends most backgrounds into an abstract color pallet. Although magnification is unspecified, this 50mm F/0.95 lens can achieve a minimal focus distance of 65cm. The front of the lens is equipped with a 82mm filter-thread, although we doubt anyone would put a filter ahead of such superb optics.

Necessarily, this is a large and heavy lens. It measures nearly 9cm wide due to the amount of light needed to reach F/0.95. The lens weighs an incredible 1.5kg which makes it the second heaviest standard lens. after the 2kg Nikkor 58mm F/0.95 Noct which is designed for the mirrorless Z-mount.

This unique lens is available directly from ZY Optics for an amazingly-low $800 USD.  They even offer free International Shipping.

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