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Just a few days after launching the Mirrorless Camera Buying Guide, an update was already required. Mirrorless cameras are not only evolving quickly but systems are young have to find their foothold for the manufacturers to continue investing in them.

This update comes right after Pentax discontinued their K-01, leaving their larger mirrorless system with no camera at all. This was not surprising, considering that the K-01 did not bring anything of more photographic interest compared to existing cameras. At least, no lenses were wasted since this camera uses the K-mount. People with a K-01 will be able to keep their investment and upgrade to an e Pentax DSLR should no replacement mirrorless appear.

Pentax K-01 RIP

It is actually relieving that Pentax has realized something was not working out with this model. They probably know exactly what by now! This may or may not be the end of a K-mount mirrorless system. It certainly has a disadvantage in terms of size but Pentax can do things to compensate, particularly working on their strengths to produce ultra-slim lenses and making lenses which mount partially inside the camera. They can also use the mirrorless angle to enter the market with a full-frame offering, avoiding direct competition of highly established full-frame camera makers.

For now the Pentax Q system is unaffected by this but only profit has the final word! That system at least has a unique offering among digital cameras, albeit one aimed at a very small niche who are interested in flexibility but do not mind compact-like image quality. Honestly, most people complain the other way around, saying they want more quality from their compact, rather than more flexibility.

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