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The book Marketing Fine Art Photography by Alain Briot covers its title topic in great details. However much I would like to give it an official review, it would require several years to find out if the material in this 313 page book works.

The premise of the book is that a photographer has to market himself rather than each image or product. He has to sell the idea that his work is desirable. Alain Briot in his book makes a great case for this and it seems to have certainly worked for him. He also has a clear grasp of what he does to market his work successfully, having had years to try different variants to his approach.

If one believes in this strategy, then this is the ideal book to read. Everything is covered from different business strategies to inter-personal skills. Of course, Mr Briot has some very high quality work to market and one needs to be at a certain level before putting that much effort into selling the his own fine art photography.

Marketing Fine Art Photography is divided in 21 chapters, each discussing a different aspect of selling fine art. While solely applies to photography, the strategies in this book appear to be valid for any visual type of fine art. Because it takes long to go through all the phases of developing your marketing, most chapters end with a skill enhancement exercise.

With his strongly opinionated and personal style, this may not work for everybody but this book is the most complete currently available on the topic. Published by Rocky Nook, Marketing Fine Art Photography is available from Amazon US | CA | UK | DE | ES | IT | FR.

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