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In case you missed it, a great overview of the controversial Sigma SD1 was just published on Luminous Landscape. There the camera is compared against 4 very different digital-cameras:

  • Sony Alpha SLT-A55 – Translucent mirror SLD with a 16 megapixels  CMOS sensor and interchangeable lenses. Shoots continuously at 10 FPS and even autofocuses using phase-detection while recording full 1080p HD video.
  • Sony Alpha A900 – The current-but-date flagship full-frame Sony DSLR with a 25 megapixels sensor. The world’s only full-frame DSLR with built-in stabilization and a 100% coverage viewfinder.
  • Pentax 645D – 40 Megapixels weather-sealed Medium-Format camera with highly ergonomic design, very similar to a larger Pentax K-5.
  • Leica M9 – Digital range-finder with a full-frame 18 megapixels sensor.

First, what is amazing from a reviewer’s perspective is the sheer budget needed to have all these cameras with getting 4 companies to agree for all these loans at the exact same time! The other unusual aspect is that there are no camera’s similar to the Sigma SD1 but people are bound to decide between the SD1 and something else.  The question is what should the something else be?

The Sigma SD1, ignoring the sensor, is similar to a mid-range crop-sensor DSLR, akin to a Canon 60D, slotting in below the Nikon D7000 and Pentax K-5 in terms of specifications yet costing 4 times more. These last two being the best performing cropped-sensor DSLR on the market are going to seriously challenge the SD1 unless its sensor alone can justify it. Well have to wait for in-depth Sigma SD1 review to find out!

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