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Neocamera just published an in-depth review of the Nikon D5. This professional DSLR is the latest flagship from Nikon and is available in two variants. One which takes dual XQD memory cards and the other which takes dual Compact Flash cards. Their feature set is identical except that the XQD version can clear its buffer faster. We took this version through its paces, follow the link to read how the D5 performed:

Nikon D5 Review

Nikon D5 XQD

The Nikon D5 takes the already winning formula of the D4S and upgrades its imaging pipeline completely while maintaining nearly identical ergonomics, albeit with a few welcome improvements. Its new 20 megapixels Full-Frame CMOS sensor with high-speed read-out offers a unique ISO 100-102,400 sensitivity range which expands to ISO 50 – 3,276,800, three stops higher than any other camera on the market. The mechanical shutter can shoot continuously at 14 FPS and the mirror mechanism at 12 FPS.

4K video makes its debut on a Nikon DSLR in the D5. Ultra HD can be recorded at 30 FPS from a 1.5X crop-area of the sensor. The full sensor area can be used to capture 1080p video at 60 FPS too. This camera includes a number of high-end video features, including external stereo input and output with a pair of mini-jacks. This camera is a powerhouse with dual grips, double dual control-dials, dual 8-way joysticks and a large 100% coverage viewfinder with built-in shutter. The huge battery in the D5 can power it for a whopping 3780 shots on a single charge.

Read our extensive review of the Nikon D5 XQD at Neocamera.

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