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The DxO Mark record has been broken a second time in less than 4 weeks. Just last month, the Nikon D850 measured 100 on the DxO Mark scale, surpassing every camera officially measured before it.

This week, the Medium-Format Hasselblad X1D-50c inched past it with a score of 102. DxO released the new here, calling the X1D-50c the  best commercially-available medium-format sensor. Not counting those they have not measured, of course.

The DxO Mark score for the Hasselblad X1D-50c breaks down into 26.2 bits of color-depth, 14.8 EV of dynamic-range and a spectacular 4489 High-ISO points. Oddly, this puts it in third place for bit-depth and first for dynamic-range yet tied with the D850 and D810 for the latter. The real stand-out number though is the low-light score which eclipse all cameras before it by over 700 points or over 12%!

Full details are available at DxO Mark.

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