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Wishing everyone a happy holiday season! Hope that you all enjoy time with your families and friends. There are great moments to be had and remembered. Photography may help look back at these moments years from now but also do not forget to put the camera down and interact without a lens from time to time. If you just got a new camera, it might be harder to do!

It has been an interesting year for digital cameras. More manufacturers have introduced premium models than previous years in an effort to jump ahead with image-quality and create a more compelling reason for people to upgrade. Mirrorless cameras have been maturing and their native lenses expanded to more complete lineups. CES 2016 is not far away, so be sure to come back in 2 weeks to get all the latest news from digital camera makers.

This year has been personally quite challenging and you may have noticed that we had fewer Digital Camera Reviews than other years. Health issues have taken a lot of my time over the last four months yet I am optimistic that it will not last into much of 2016. Expect more news and innovation in the world of digital cameras with 2016 being a Photokina year and the launch of the long awaited Pentax full-frame DSLR. Stay tuned, we are already working on the first review of 2016!

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