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Neocamera is back from the holidays and things are about to get exciting! Just next week, as CES 2013 starts we will be bringing news upfront of the latest developments in digital cameras and lenses. 2012 was a really hot year for digital cameras yet manufacturers have been struggling against previous models of cameras and cell phones, so expect another year of camera makers trying to out-do each other. Stay tuned.

My personal holidays were spent visiting family and friends in Ecuador and Peru with a quick dash into Bolivia as I  attempted to see the Salar De Uyuni during the rainy season. While it was undoubtedly rainy, it remained too dry to see the world’s largest salt desert turn into the largest mirror in the world. Still, there was good light during the last two days. Visit the small gallery of photos from Bolivia to get a glimpse of Bolivian highlands.

I wish everyone a wonderful year of places and moments worth photographing! Follow your passions, whichever they are and may 2013 fill you with countless opportunities to pursue them.

Happy New Year!

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