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The full review of the Nikon D600 is now available at Neocamera. The D600 is Nikon’s latest full-frame DSLR and it brings a complete set of high-end features along with the performance of a full-frame sensor to an unprecedented price. For under $2100 USD / CDN, this digital camera comes with a 24 megapixels CMOS sensor capable of 5.5 FPS continuous shooting and 1080p video capture and features an extra-large 100% coverage viewfinder in a weather-sealed body.

Nikon D600

In our most detailed review yet, Neocamera looks at everything that makes the D600 unique and all aspects of performance. All this accompanied by a gallery of full-resolution images at all ISO sensitivities, image-noise comparison with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, sample video and time-lapse. Read the complete Nikon D600 review to find out how this full-frame DSLR performs.

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