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Fujifilm X100V

This morning the Fujifilm X100V was launched. This is a Premium Compact that pairs the latest 26 MP APS-C 4th Generation X-Trans BSI-CMOS sensor with a fixed 23mm F/2 prime lens. Its sensor, already seen in the X-T3 reviewed here delivers high-resolution at ultra-fast speed, allowing it to shoot at 30 FPS with a 1.25X crop and record Cinema 4K video. This sensor also features 2.1M Phase-Detection elements that create a virtual 425-Point AF system that delivers truly fast and highly sensitive autofocus performance.

Externally the X100V keeps the same rangefinder design as its predecessor with an improved hybrid-viewfinder that instantly switches between 0.5″ EVF 3.7 MP with 100% coverage at 0.66X magnification mode and 95% coverage at 0.52X magnification OVF mode. An Eye-Start Sensor activates the EVF automatically when needed. The body offers dual control-dials, plus a fly-by-wire focus-ring and four other dedicated dials to control aperture, shutter-speed, ISO and exposure-compensation.

There is a new lens designed to match the resolution of its 26 MP sensor which omits an Anti-Alias Filter without being prone to moire thanks to the X-Trans color-filter that is unique to Fujifilm. With a 23mm focal-length, it gives the same angle-of-view as a 35mm lens on a full-frame camera. This lens has a bright F/2 maximum aperture and a built-in shutter plus 4-stop ND filter. The construction of the X100V has been improved over its predecessor, making it almost weatherproof. Once the lens is sealed using an optional adapter and filter, the whole thing becomes weatherproof.

The Fujifilm X100V is scheduled to become available late this month for $1400 USD or $1800 CAD. Canadians can pre-order right now at, while US and international buyers can do it at Adorama or B&H Photo.

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