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Neocamera just published a review of the Fuji X20. This unique premium compact features a mechanically-linked 4X optical zoom lens with a bright F/2 – 2.8 maximum aperture, first introduced in the X10. This latest model upgrades the sensor to something quite unique in its class: a X-Trans CMOS II sensor with built-in Phase-Detect autofocus and no anti-alias filter thanks to a moire-resistant color-array.

Fuji X20

This retro-styled digital camera offers full manual-controls, including manual-focus, custom white-balance, bracketing and more with plenty of external controls to access them. Dual-control dials are included as is a unique optical tunnel viewfinder which shows focus-areas and exposure parameters. This so many one-of-a-kind features, the Fuji X20 is one of the most interesting compact cameras to date.

To find out how it performs and compares with other premium cameras, read our in-depth Fuji X20 review.

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