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A detailed review of the Fuji X-E1 is now published. The Fuji X-E1 is the latest mirrorless digital camera from Fuji, following on the X-Pro1 which shares the same unique X-Trans sensor with 16 megapixels. As seen in the Fuji X-Pro1 review, this impressive sensor that requires no anti-alias filter produces the lowest image noise of any mirrorless camera, matching the performance of some of the  best cropped-sensor DSLRs on the market.

Fuji X-E1

The 16 megapixels sensor of the X-E1 has the same APS-C size commonly seen in DSLRs with a crop factor of 1.5X. It uses a unique color-filter array of 6×6 grid of colors over a CMOS sensor capable of delivering 6 FPS continuous shooting and full 1080p HD video capture. For video, there is a stereo microphone built-in and mini-jack for recording from an external stereo audio source.

Fuji gave the X-E1 a retro-style design reminiscent of a range-finder with a good number of direct controls. In the case of the X-E1, it also includes a superb 2.4 megapixels EVF from a 0.5″ OLED panel to shoot comfortably at eye-level. This mirrorless digital camera directly accepts Fuji XF-mount lenses and is compatible with many other systems via a suitable adapter.

As always, the in-depth review of the Fuji X-E1 covers its usability, ergonomics and performance, plus a gallery of full-resolution samples at all ISO sensitivities.

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