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Fuji updated the Finepix F70EXR today. The F70EXR  model made it into Neocamera’s Best Digital Cameras of 2009 in the compact ultra-zoom category due to its unmatched image quality among its peers. The new F80EXR augments its predecessor’s 10 megapixels sensor with a new 12 megapixels SuperCCD EXR of the same size, keeping a 10Xoptical  zoom equivalent to 27-270mm in 35mm terms. This does mean that the new sensor is smaller than the F200EXR’s sensor.

The most important difference is actually the addition of HD movie-mode a 720p (1280×720 @ 30 FPS) instead of the F70EXR’s more common VGA movie-mode. Remaining differences are quite minor with the new LCD being 0.3″ larger, so reaching 3″ instead of 2.7″ while keeping the same number of pixels. The F80EXR is expected to be available for the same price as the F70EXR some time soon.

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