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Fuji X-A10

A new entry-level Fuji mirrorless was launched this morning. The Fuji X-A10 is an X-mount mirrorless camera build around a 16 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor with standard Bayer Color-Filter-Array. This new model is based on the older X-A2 rather than latest X-A3 to offer an even lower-cost model while retaining the Fuji hybrid design which combines digital-era and retro elements. Despite being an entry-level model, the X-A10 boasts dual control-dials plus an aperture-ring is available on most compatible Fujinon lenses.

The specifications of the X-A10 are remarkably similar to the X-A2. It has the same ISO 200-6400 standard sensitivity range which expands to 100-25600. Full manual controls are available, including Bulb exposures up to 1 hour. The sensor records full 1080p HD video while being paired with a slightly faster processor but a smaller buffer, so the X-A10 can shoot at 6 FPS for 20 frames, rather than 5.6 FPS for 30. Battery-life remains exactly the same at 410 shots-per-charge.

There are only two more significant changes. The first is a hybrid shutter which lets the X-A2 freeze motion with shutter-speeds up to 1/32000s. The second is a new LCD hinge which tilts and slides away from the camera. This allows the display to be tilted up 180° and remain unobstructed by the camera.

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