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Fujifilm has a new addition to their range of mirrorless cameras. Having started at the upper-high-end of mirrorless cameras with the X-Pro1 and then followed with a second high-end product, the X-E1 reviewed here, before launching the mid-range X-M1, they now moved to having an entry-level offering with the Fuji X-A1. While all previous models share the same 16 megapixels X-Trans CMOS sensor which uses a unique 6×6 color-filter-array which resists moire without needed an anti-alias filter,  the new X-A1 uses a conventional APS-C sensor of the same resolution.

Fuji X-A1

The highly-acclaimed X-Trans CMOS sensor certainly delivers superb image-quality, yet Fuji’s APS-C sensors are not that far behind as we have seen in the Finepix X100 which is already 2½ years old, so we fully expect the X-A1 to perform well on the image-quality front. Unlike the majority of entry-level mirrorless, the X-A1 offers dual control-dials plus a traditional mode-dial. This lets it efficiently control X-mount lenses which lack an aperture-ring. Of course, lenses with an aperture-ring are fully supported too.

The Fuji X-A1 promises to be very capable. It captures full 1080p HD videos and shoot continuously at 5.6 FPS for up to 30 JPEG or 10 RAW files at full-resolution. It offers WiFi and supports a wired remote and has a standard hot-shoe for external lighting. Its body is compact and includes a tilting 3″ LCD display with 920K pixels at the back. Like the X-M1, there is no viewfinder at all on this mirrorless.

Fuji X-A1

Controls are very similar to those of the X-M1 with both control-dials accessible from the rear of the camera.  A customizable Function button controls ISO sensitivity by default and the 4-way controller activates common functions without needing the menu system. Fuji promises very fast operation thanks to their EXR II processor.

While the Fuji X-A1 will ship with a compact XC16-50mm F/3.5-5.6 OIS kit lens, they also unveiled the complimentary XC50-230mm F/4.5-6.7 OIS lens. These low-cost lenses have plastic barrels and no aperture-ring to make them lighter, simpler and affordable.

The Fuji X-A1 expects to ship this month for a suggested price of $599 USD or CDN, including kit-lens. The XC50-230mm F/4.5-6.7 OIS alone will cost $399 USD or CDN and should be available in November.

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