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As is becoming a tradition for Fuji, they just unveiled yesterday updates to their entire digital camera lineup except for the premium X-series. This spring update comprises of a whopping 21 models, although not all models have been announced for all regions. Among these new models are:

  • Fuji Finepix HS30 EXRFuji Finepix HS30 EXR – The new flagship high-speed ultra-zoom which introduces a revised 16 megapixels EXR-CMOS sensor used in several cameras introduced today. This new sensor claims 30% improvement in terms of image noise compared to the first generation EXR-CMOS. Like the HS20 EXR before it, the HS30 EXR keeps its amazing mechanical 30X ultra-wide-angle optical zoom. This new model also has a single-axis digital level and improves the EVF with a much higher resolution one.
  • Meanwhile another improved high-speed ultra-zoom, the Fuji Finepix HS25 EXR, makes it appearance. This is a simple sensor upgrade which addresses the principal concern in the review of Fuji Finepix HS20 EXR.
  • An intermediate series of ultra-zoom was added between the HS and S-series. This one is comprised of 3 models, the Fuji Finepix SL300SL300, SL280 and SL240.  These ultra-zooms, like most such cameras, use electronic lenses with between 30X and 24X optical zoom. Unlike the S-series, all new SL-series models are equipped with a flash hot-shoe. The entire SL-series uses 14 megapixels CCDs and features full manual controls including custom white-balance and spot-metering.
  • The basic ultra-zoom series is upgraded with two 14 megapixels models: the S4500 and S4200. The S4500 uses the same electronic 30X optical zoom lens as the SL300 and the S4200 uses the same one  as the SL240.
  • Three travel zooms make their debut today. The Fuji Finepix F770 EXR packs an ultra-wide 20X optical zoom and the new 16 megapixels EXR-CMOS sensor in a body with full manual controls and a built-in GPS. The F750 EXR, which is US-Only at this time, is identically specified except it lacks the GPS and RAW-Format support of its sibling. The smaller F660 EXR all the same features with a smaller body and a shorter but still impressive 15X ultra-wide angle optical zoom.

Fuji Finepix F770 EXRFuji Finepix F750 EXRFuji Finepix F660 EXR

  • Two Point&Shoot digital cameras with stabilized 8X optical zoom lenses were added to the JZ-series: The JZ250 and JZ100. Both use a standard CCD and are completely automatic. The JZ250 has 16 MP while the JZ100 has 14 MP.
  • Three Point&Shoot cameras with unstabilized 5X optical zoom lenses were added the the JX-series. The JX700, JX550 and JX500. These models share the same 16 and 14 megapixels CCDs as the JZ-series.
  • The same CCDs make their appearing in the slim T400 and T350 which both feature a stabilized 10X wide-angle optical zoom lens. These are also Point&Shoot digital cameras.
  • A basic Point&Shoot with 5X optical zoom  and a 14 megapixels CCD that runs on standard AA batteries makes its appearance as the AX600.
  • Finally, the water-proof lineup is updated with 3 new cameras. The first is the XP50 which loses its predecessor’s GPS but gains a new CMOS sensor capable of full 1080p HD video capture. The XP100 gains a tougher body capable of descending to 10m below sea-level, compared to 5m for the XP50. The XP150 then gains back the GPS with a new high-sensitivity antenna and sophisticated landmark database.

Most these new  Fuji are expected to ship by the end of March except for the S4200 which is expected next month. This complete lineup refresh offers cameras for every budget from $129 to $499 USD for the HS30 EXR. Simultaneously with this launch, Fuji has announced the US-Availability of their premium ultra-zoom. The Fuji Finepix X-S1 ships next month for $799 USD.

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