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The detailed review of the Fuji Finepix X100 was just published at Neocamera. This is a very intriguing camera with a 12 Megapixels APS-C size sensor and fixed 23mm F/2 Fujinon lens in a relatively compact body. It includes a hybrid viewfinder that switches from optical to electronic mode.

The X100 is styled like a film range-finder camera with direct marked dials for aperture, shutter-speed and exposure-compensation. There has been plenty of excitement around this camera but initial reviews found serious usability issues. Fuji quickly issued a firmware update to address many of the most concerning issues and we got an X100 with the new firmware for this Fuji X100 review. Making this one first first X100 review entirely shot with the latest firmware.

Partly because the Fuji X100 is so different but mostly because it is so liberating to have a light camera with DSLR-like image quality, it was a fun experience to review this one. Fuji officially intends to advanced in the high-end market of digital cameras and the Finepix X100 makes a great start for this.

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