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The premium Fuji Finepix X10 was just reviewed at Neocamera. This is an advanced compact with a full complement of manual controls, dual control-dials, an optical viewfinder, a hot-shoe and RAW capability.  Its stand out feature though is a unique mechanical lens with a bright F/2 maximum aperture. The lens actually covers a 4X optical zoom range, equivalent to a 28-112mm F/2 – 2.8 lens in 35mm terms.

This digital camera has very few serious competitors and is aimed at advanced users looking for efficient photographic controls in a compact size. It is a worthy contender for those looking to upgrade from a point-and-shoot but not wanting the bulk of a DSLR or for existing DSLR users who need something smaller on occasions but really do not want to abandon manual controls. Its classic styling and number controls make being creative with it quick and easy.

Fuji Finepix X10

The mechanical lens which doubles as a power button is actually a pleasure to use. I’ve always had an affinity for mechanical lenses and the Fuji X10 proved it once again. This design allows perfectly accurate framing when used with the 100% coverage LCD which is critical to produce images with the most impact. Remember, if there is one factor which goes beyond all others to define an image, it is its framing!

Read the detailed review to find out how the Fuji Finepix X10 performs.

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One response to “Fuji Finepix X10 Review Published”

  1. Itai Danan says:

    Apologies to readers of this review as one problem was not disclosed because I was mistaken that Fuji had a firmware fix for the it already. They reality is that a fix is in progress but not yet available.

    The problem is not generalize and only appears in some cases but those who experience it will have to wait. The same was shown to be true of the X-S1 and this has been sent to Fuji.



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