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The rather unique Fuji Finepix REAL 3D W3 has just been reviewed at Neocamera. This is one of the first 3D digital camera which captured stereoscopic images using two 3X optical zoom lenses and two 10 megapixels sensor. Both optical paths capture image simultaneously and combine the images to produce a 3D image that gives a sense of depth which is directly visible on the camera’s huge 3.5″ lenticular LCD screen. No special glasses are necessary to frame and review images directly on the REAL 3D W3’s LCD. Read the review to find out how it works and performs. Stereoscopic images are also viewable on a special 3D picture frame and modern 3D HDTV displays.

Subjectively, the W3 is a very interesting product as it changes the way photographs are perceived and thus also the way they are taken. A great deal of standard 2D images fail because they lack the sense of depth which must be given through the use of shadows, leading lines and the like. However, with a 3D camera, as long as there are objects in multiple planes, the sense of depth is simply captured, rather than conveyed. This allows certain otherwise uninteresting snapshot to genuinely  show more appeal. There is obviously the wow and unusual factor which contribute to the interest of Fuji Finepix REAL 3D W3 evokes.

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