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Neocamera recently published a detailed review of the Fuji Finepix F300 EXR. This is Fuji’s advanced compact camera and features a unique second-generation EXR sensor with a hybrid autofocus system. The new hybrid autofocus lets the camera use Phase-Detection autofocus, the same system used by DSLR cameras which are often favored for their fast autofocus speeds. This sensor also keeps all the properties of the original EXR sensor which means its triple-mode functionality which lets it optimize image capture for resolution, dynamic-range or noise.

The compact Fuji F300 EXR packs an incredible 15X optical zoom lens which starts at an ultra-wide 24mm equivalent focal-length and reaches all the way to 360mm in a 1.3″ thick body using a double sliding-lens design. Naturally, this lens is equipped with an effective stabilization system. Plenty of advanced features including full manual-controls, custom white-balance, control over dynamic-range and 720p HD video recording round off this impressive camera. Read the review to find out all about it.

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