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FlashBlock is a browser extension that prevents Flash objects from starting automatically. FlashBlock works with Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox and SeaMonkey. The difference between using FlashBlock and not installing the Flash Plug-In is that Flash objects can be activated on-demand buy clicking on the FlashBlock place-holder. This way, Flash objects such as embedded video-players simply require an extra click, while unwanted Flash objects can simply be left unactivated.

Using FlashBlock provides several advantages:

  • Reduced CPU usage and improved browsing speed. There are many sites which use so many Flash objects on a single page that they can keep more than one CPU running at 100% and cause the browser to become otherwise unresponsive.
  • Reduced visual clutter and distractions. Flash is well-known for being, well, flashy. Sometimes so much so that it distracts from a sites contents. By the way, Neocamera has a no-Flash policy for ads.If a Flash ad appears, let us know and we will warn the publisher or distribution network.
  • Open YouTube videos in multiple tabs. Because YouTube uses a Flash video player, each time a tab is opened with the URL of a video-clip, it starts playing. A great example is the Related Videos column which appears on pages of YouTube videos. If you want to see multiple videos from one such column, clicking on one brings you to a page with a new list, so you have to open each video one at a time. The best way is to open each one in a new tab and then activate the video-player using FlashBlock as you view each tab.
  • Save the planet. Yes, FlashBlock helps reduce energy consumption because it lets you control which Flash player gets activated. This way, you can speed up your web-experience and do your part to conserve energy.

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