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Leaf BugThe big feature of digital cameras last year was face-recognition. This year, Lenovo, maker of Thinkpad laptops, is bringing face-recognition to a laptop near you. This means that these new laptops can be programed to recognize your face and perform an automated login.It is going to be interesting to see if you can access someone else’s account by showing a picture to the laptop…

Although face-recognition increased the odds of focusing on a face for digital cameras, I do not think it was regarded by many as a must-have feature. Initial implementations only used it to establish the focus point but the latest ones use face-recognition for exposure and software-driven red-eye removal too. Playback face-recognition is probably even more useful because it allows to check facial expressions and blinking. If cameras were capable of really fast bursts, like the 60 FPS Casio prototype, they could capture several nearly identical images and use face-recognition to determine which image has the least number of people blinking.

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