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The first major upgrade of a Pentax DSLR under the Ricoh brand brings us the innovative K-3. This 24 megapixels APS-C DSLR is based on a high-speed CMOS sensor capable of 8.3 FPS continuous shooting at full-resolution. It can also capture full 1080p HD video in realtime or a 4K Ultra-HD time-lapse.

The K-3 inherits the Pentax Shake-Reduction mechanism which brings unique Automatic Horizon Correction and Composition Adjustment, plus ads yet another completely new feature: an Anti-Alias Filter Simulator. This, for the first time, gives photographers the choice between maximum sharpness and potential moire artifacts.

Pentax K-3 Review

Ricoh Pentax K-3


Neocamera just published their most extensive review to date for the Ricoh Pentax K-3. As always, we cover features, usability, ergonomics and performance in great depth.  A special page compares in great details the K-3 vs last year’s the K-5 IIs, for those considering to upgrade. In addition to the usual full-resolution gallery an 100% crops, this review includes a comparison of APS-C and Full-Frame performance. Be sure not to skip anything! Read it all here.

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