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Neocamera just published the world exclusive detailed review of the Fuji Finepix F80 EXR, the latest ultra-compact ultra-zoom to use EXR technology. EXR technology allows small-sensor cameras to produce outstanding images with low image noise and increased dynamic range.  This technology already proved itself in the F200 EXR, the current image-quality champion of ultra-compacts. With the F80 EXR, Fuji has produced an ultra-zoom with a 10X wide-angle optical zoom lens in almost the same form-factor as the F200.

Just like its predecessor, the F80 EXR has manual control over exposure and dynamic range between 100% and 800% in EXR-DR mode. The three mode sensor can create high-resolution images with 12 megapixels, low-noise images with 6 megapixels and high-dynamic-range images at 6 megapixels. An additional Pro Low-Light mode used multi-frame capture to capture smooth images in even lower light. Go to the image gallery to see what it can do.

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