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NOTE – DxOMark revised their ranking of the 1D X Mark III with that seems like a completely different camera. None of the constituent scores match bu the result is a notably improved 91. No idea what happened by the camera now claims 24.2 bit of color, a much improved 14.5 EV of Dynamic-Range and Low-Light score of ISO 3248.

Scoring for the action-oriented professional Canon EOS 1D X Mark III was just published. This dual-grip full-frame DSLR launched this year is built around a 20 MP Dual-Pixel CMOS sensor. Its fast shutter mechanism and powerful processor allows it to continuous capture full-resolution images at 16 FPS for 1000 frames, JPEG images or RAW files. This achievement makes one of the fastest DSLRs every built.

DxO rated the Canon 1D X Mark III at 83 which is above ASP-C DSLRs are one would expect but significantly lower than any modern full-frame. This is likely due to the vast amount of additional circuitry needed to implement a dual-pixel sensor which means much more noise can occur in the system.

The constituents scores are 23.4 bit-depth, 13.4 EV of dynamic-range and a sports score of ISO 2445. While such bit-depth and dynamic-range are good and sufficient for most needs, even decade-old APS-C DSLRs can do better. Dynamic-range below 14 stops is truly disappointing for a camera launched this year!

The 1D X Mark III truly falls down with its paltry ISO 2445 low-light score. Still, it keeps proving that sensor-size is everything when it comes to noise and so this is substantially higher than any score for a camera with a smaller sensor.  Still, there is a huge gab between that level and 3730 which is the highest-score from a full-fame camera, the Sony A7 III. Even restricting ourselves to DSLRs, the Pentax K-1 scores 3280 despite being several years older.

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