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Sony Alpha A100Last episode, we discussed why there are no Poor DSLR cameras. In this episode we discuss what is happening at the opposite end of the scale. Review after review, recent DSLRs have all been scoring Excellent.

Not to say that those DSLRs are not quite good, but the problem is due to historical ratings. Once certain DSLRs a few years ago were awarded Excellent status, any equally good or better camera has to be given the same status. Otherwise, readers would get very confused. Imagine if some better but newer camera would be given a lower score, then selecting among our list of cameras would be difficult because the ratings would not be absolutely ordered.

The result is that there is now a large discrepancy in performance between the most and the least Excellent camera in our DSLR models page. Two solutions come to mind: revise each camera’s rating or extend the rating system. The former way is tedious because there are a lot of cameras and factors to consider, plus image quality data is not always comparable. The latter approach will counter the simplicity of the rating system by adding levels of Excellence. Stay tuned to see which way we end up going…

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