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Q: Why are there no DSLR cameras rated Poor?

A: Because there are no poor DSLR cameras.

That was the short and most truthful answer. DSLR cameras are great. They all produce high-quality images and operate rapidly. That is the essence of good cameras. Obviously, there are differences in image quality and speed, DSLRs are not cloned from each other, although sometimes you could think so! As such, I’ve never seen a digital SLR which could not produce stunning images that can be printed big. That is why, no DSLR has been rated Poor yet.

Nikon D3

The reason we get this question a lot is that this makes it hard to choose a DSLR without reading the reviews. After all, there are currently 20 Excellent DSLR ratings on Neocamera. Elsewhere seems no different, with most DSLRs always getting scores in the top 20% or less. To help users choose, we have feature icons next to each camera on the DSLR list. Those who visited us over 2 years ago may remember that the DSLR Models page used to consist of row-after-row of identical icons. For this reason, we introduced advanced icons that are more relevant to choosing a DSLR.

Remember that icons represent features which do not influence the score we give to a camera. Logically, this is because the importance of a feature lies in the eye of the beholder. Ergonomics are also quite subjective, as is image quality when you consider that cameras balance details and noise-reduction differently.

As a consolation for those who want to buy a DSLR without reading much, you should know that there is nothing wrong with buying the cheapest DSLR (or the most expensive one). They are all good, but the cheapest one has the advantage of saving you money which can be invested in better lenses. If you do the research though, you’ll find that DSLR cameras are filled with subtle differences which are greatly appreciated by their users.

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