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A camera’s rating and feature-set are kept separate at Neocamera. That is, one particular model does not get a higher rating simply for having a special feature. Even if two models are identical in every respect except for an added feature or two, the one with the added feature does not get a higher rating. However, there is value and reason to give a higher rating for a better implementation of a useful feature.

The main reason for separating features and ratings is that features do not have an absolute value. They only take value based on the needs of a photographer. One such example is full-manual controls, there are people who do not want to use them. For them, it does not make a difference when a digital camera has manual controls. For others, full-manual controls are essential.

Misa Campo - Itai Danan (C)2007As value to Neocamera’s readers, ratings and features are labeled with separate icons. This allows someone to find the best cameras for their needs. The process of finding that camera is simple. If, instead, we had awarded points for features then it a camera with not so good image quality and full-manual controls may end up with the same score as one with excellent image quality and no manual-controls. How would someone choose then? Look at ultra-zoom cameras for example, their long zoom range frequently compromises on image quality. No need to confuse those who do not need an ultra-zoom then and let the ones who choose an ultra-zoom know what compromise they are making.

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