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The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 is the smallest interchangeable lens digital camera. A detailed review of it was just published on Neocamera. This digital camera is built around a Four-Thirds sensor, the same size as the ones used in Olympus and Panasonic DSLRs. Its body is much slimmer because the Micro-Four-Thirds mount does not allow space for a mirror used by a reflex optical viewfinder. Instead, it uses the rear LCD or an optional EVF to frame pictures.

Even though the sensor is the same size as some DSLR cameras, the shorter distance from the sensor to the lens mount allows lenses to be built a bit smaller too, resulting in a noticeably smaller total size compared to an equivalent DSLR. Image quality can be high then and performance is the main factor which will determine how good such cameras will be. Find out about the Panasonic GF1’s handling and performance in Neocamera’s detailed review.

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