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The same comparison technology used for lenses is now available to compare cameras on Neocamera.  Any number of digital cameras can be compared, regardless of brand, type or size. The same steps for comparing lenses apply:

  1. Select a camera brand and the list of models will appear.
  2. Select a camera model and another row appears below to do the same for another camera.
  3. Repeat the process until all cameras that you wish to compare are listed.
  4. Click on the COMPARE button to compare the chosen models.
  5. Share a camera comparison using the Link To Result button.
  6. Click on START OVER to compare another set of cameras.

Cameras are compared side-by-side and Neocamera will highlight notable differences. Green represents above average and Red represents below average among the cameras being compared. The highest and lowest results are highlight a bit brighter. Here is what it looks like to compare 4 competing DSLRs:

Compare Cameras

Keep in mind that a comparison by specifications like this one is not absolute. Particularly, more megapixels does not always translate into better image quality and a higher maximum ISO sensitivity does not usually translate into better low-light performance.

Also, the usefulness of certain differences varies depending on the situation. For example a camera with a shutter-speed range of 1/4000-60s has the same exposure latitude as one with a range of 1/8000s-30s but one is preferable for night photography while the other is preferable for high-speed action. Lastly, as much as we would like to compare lenses, it is pretty much impossible due to the number of independent parameters.

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