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Neocamera just published an in-depth comparison of all current cropped-sensor weather-sealed mirrorless cameras. This feature article takes a close look at the features, image-quality and performance of these mostly professional offerings. It breaks down and analyses differences between these models to help choosing between them.

Take a look at how the Fuji X-T1, X-T1 Graphite, Nikon 1 AW1, Olympus OM-D E-M1, E-M5 Mark II, Panasonic GH4 and GX8 compare and offer alternatives to weather-sealed DSLRs: Weatherproof Mirrorless Cameras Compared.

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Zeiss introduced 12 new lenses today, well 6 for Canon and 6 for Nikon. All these new lenses are part of the Milvus series which is their first series of weather-sealed DSLR lenses. They may be the only MF-Only weather-sealed lenses but I’m not 100% sure.  If such lenses exist, the predate out lens database which, thanks the Zeiss Milvus launch just exceeded 1000 lenses!

Zeiss Milvus 21mm F/2.8 ZEZeiss Milvus 21mm F/2.8 ZF.2

There are actually 1009 fully searchable lenses, just try our Lens Search feature if you have not done it before. There is an interesting distinction between the two and that is the presence of a declickable aperture-ring on the Nikon (ZF.2) models. Check the whole list of Zeiss lenses here.

The other news of the day is a new Gear Article. The Mirrorless EVF Size parallels our orginal  DSLR Viewfinder Sizes article which to this month, is one of the top 10 visited articles on Neocamera. While it was written over 9 years ago, it’s  content is updated in real-lime from our product database. The same is true of the Mirrorless EVF Size article. Be sure to check it out if EVFs on mirrorless cameras are important to you.

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Two years is huge in technology and digital cameras are not different. Over the last year, mirrorless ones advanced by leaps and bounds, making the original 2013 edition, noticeably out-date.

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We just published at Neocamera the most complete and up to data Mirrorless Camera Buying Guide available. Now fully updated mid-march 2015. Checkout the 2015 Mirrorless Camera Buying Guide right now!

There are plenty of extensive review of mirrorless digital cameras published at Neocamera. Many of them are quite recent and they include flagship models from most camera makers. Here is the complete and always full-to-date list or mirrorless reviews.

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Nikon D810

Nikon recently unveiled their newest digital camera, the D810 which replaces the D800E and D800 twins. They have taken the no anti-alias filter route and provided it with completely upgraded internals:

  • A new 36 megapixels CMOS sensor with base sensitivity of ISO 64, expandable down to 32. The normal sensitivity range reach ISO 12,800 and expands to 51,200.
  • An EXPEED 4 processor with unprecedented image-parameters for finer control over image rendition than any other digital camera.
  • A revised shutter and mirror mechanism to reduce vibrations. The D810 can sustain 5 FPS continuous shooting with a deeper buffer than its predecessor.

Many more processing and capabilities have been refined too. Read Neocamera’s Nikon D810 review to see what it can do.

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Neocamera just published a detailed review of the Olympus Stylus 1. This is a unique premium compact with a constant F/2.8 aperture lens, equivalent to 28-300mm. This wide-angle 10.7X optical zoom lens is paired with a stabilized 12 megapixels 1/1.7″ CMOS. There is a large 1.44 megapixels EVF with built-in Eye-Start sensor showing 100% coverage at 1.15X magnification, something comparable larger mirrorless cameras.

Olympus Stylus 1

The Olympus Stylus 1 is designed with powerful photographic features and a high number of external controls. These include dual control-dials and a unique control-ring which to set focus continuously or exposure parameters in a natural way. This digital camera offers one of the richest feature-set in its class with 5 metering patterns, 5 types of bracketing, built-in WiFi and much more.

Read its detailed review to find out how it performs.

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