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The Fuji X-T10 is a compact version of the flagship X-T1 Graphite, yet it manages to pack nearly identical features and even improves performance in some aspects, although it is neither freezeproof nor weather-sealed. The price of this slimmer is a slightly smaller 0.39″ EVF with 0.62X magnification with the same stunning 2.4 megapixels of resolution and en extremely useful Eye-Start Sensor. Buffer depth has also decreased and controls are simplified yet remain numerous and highly customizable.

Fuji X-T10 Review

Fuji X-T10

A full review of the Fuji X-T10 is available at Neocamera. Read it to found out how this mirrorless performs and how it compared to the larger X-T1 family of Fuji X-mount cameras. Spoiler Alert: This one brings the highly-acclaimed class-leading image-quality of the X-T1 Graphite at an unprecedented price-point.

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Fuji X-A2

An express review of the Fuji X-A2 was just published at Neocamera. This is the most entry-level Fuji mirrorless yet it features dual control-dials and a fast EXR II processor. Looking almost identical to the entry-level X-M1 already reviewed, the X-A2 lowers costs by using a conventional 16 megapixels APS-C sensor.

Fuji took the mirrorless market by storm with its high-end X-Pro1 and has been simplifying its offerings to capture lower price categories. The X-E series uses a high-resolution EVF instead of a hybrid viewfinder; the X-M series omits a viewfinder entirely and the X-A2 finds itself without the unique X-Trans sensor which originally defined the X-family. Read the review here to see what difference that makes.

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An express review of the Canon Powershot SX610 HS, one of the latest ultra-compacts to hit the market, was just published at Neocamera. This digital camera packs an 18X optical zoom lens for the most reach of any ultra-compact, equivalent to a 25-450mm lens.

This pocket-size ultra-zoom is designed to take on the most serious threat to ultra-compacts which are actually cellular phones. Those have been eating away sales of ultra-compacts for the last few years by offering convenience and similar image-quality but with little to no optical zoom. By incorporating a stabilized wide-angle 18X optical zoom lens, the Canon Powershot SX160 HS exceeds the reach and versatility of any cellphone.

Canon Powershot SX610 HS

This model aims to match the simplicity and convenience of phones by offering completely automatic operation plus wireless connectivity via WiFi and NFC. Read the Canon Powershot SX610 HS review to find out how this pocket-camera performs.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 is a unique ultra-zoom which offers a large 1″ CMOS sensor with 20 megapixels. The lens has a stabilized 16X optical-zoom range, equivalent to 25-400mm with a moderately bright F/2.8-4 maximum aperture. Using a high-speed processor, the FZ1000 can record 4K Ultra-HD video at 30 FPS and shoot continuously at 12 FPS.

Neocamera just published a review covering all the major features of the FZ1000, analyzing it usability, image quality and performance. Read the review to learn about the FZ1000.

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An review of the Canon EOS Rebel T5i was just published at Neocamera. This is an entry-level DSLR with 18 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor featuring built-in Phase-Detect to assist with video and Live-View autofocus. This light-weight DSLR offers a 95% coverage 0.85X magnification OVF and rotating 3″ touchscreen LCD with 1 megapixels.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i

The Canon Rebel T5i review covers its usability and performance, comparing it closely with the smaller SL1 which shares the same internal components. As always, a gallery of full-resolution images and sample crops are available throughout the ISO range of this digital camera.

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