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By far the most popular announcement of Photo Plus Expo 2017 in New York City last week was the Sony A7R III. For the first time, the Sony skipped the unqualified A7 III to start the latest generation of their full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Sony Alpha A7R III

The Sony A7R III closely follows the highly-acclaimed A7R II with a nearly identical body and a new imaging pipeline. One can only actually see this is a generation III model by looking at the back of the camera since the front simply says A7R which means it is high-resolution model of the 7-series. Inside an all-new 42 megapixels BSI CMOS sensor with built-in 399-Point Phase-Detect system claims to deliver an unprecedented 15 stops of dynamic-range.

The new sensor offers faster read-out of 10 FPS and 4K Ultra-HD video down-scaled from full-width sensor output. A deep buffer allows the A7R III to shoot up to 76 RAW files or JPEG images at full-resolution. The sensor is mounted on an improved 5-axis image-stabilization system which is effective to a best-in-class 5.5 stops. It is also sufficiently precise to move the sensor in single pixel increments, allowing the A7R III to capture super-resolution images with full-color information at each pixel by stacking 4 frames just like the Pentax K-1 does.

Its 399-Point AF system features extremely precise and fast Eye-Tracking as well as traditional subject tracking which it can do even when shooting continuously at 10 FPS. Inside the A7R III, a hybrid shutter makes it possible to shoot completely silently. Continuous AF is also available while recording 4K Ultra-HD video at 30 FPS and full 1080p HD video at an incredible 120 FPS.

The body of the Sony Alpha A7R III offers a huge 3.6 Megapixels 0.5″ EVF with a class-leading 0.78X magnification, 100& coverage, an Eye-Start Sensor and true Live-View capability. As a professional-grade full-frame camera, this one includes triple control-dials, a traditional mode-dial and plenty of customizable controls in a weatherproof body.

The Sony A7R III is expected to ship on November 30 for $3200 USD. Amazon, Adorama and B&H Photo are already accepting pre-orders at these links.

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Photo Plus Expo at Javits Convention Center

One of the biggest announcers at Photo Plus Expo 2017 was Olympus. Right from the entrance and stairways, huge signs were introducing the Olympus M.Zuiko F/1.2 family, now with two new members.

Joining the M.Zuiko 25mm F/1.2 PRO, introduced 13 months ago, are the M.Zuiko 17mm F/1.2 PRO and M.Zuiko 45mm F/1.2 PRO. These prime lenses are part of the professional series of Micro Four-Thirds lenses, complete with a direct manual focus ring in weatherproof bodies.

Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm F/1.2 PRO

The 17mm F/1.2 is a high-end lens with an ultra-bright F/1.2 maximum aperture. It gives an equivalent 35mm F/2.4 on a full-frame camera yet is considerably lighter. The fly-by-wire focus-ring slides down to become mechanical and reveal a focus scale with depth-of-field markings.

Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm F/1.2 PRO

The 45mm F/1.2 is a high-grade portrait lens with maximum F/1.2 aperture. It is equivalent to a 90mm F/2.4 lens on a full-frame which is an ideal focal-length and aperture for producing flattering portraits. It offers the same dual fly-by-wire and mechanical focus-ring as the 17mm F/1.2 above. Both these lenses have an optimized 9-blade aperture to deliver ultra-smooth bokeh.

While these lens both retail for $1200 USD, the M.Zuiko 45mm F/1.2 PRO is scheduled to be available by the end of this month while the M.Zuiko 17mm F/1.2 PRO is expected to ship by February 2018. These lenses are available for pre-order already:

Pre-ordering helps being one of the first to get these professional lenses but you credit card will not be charged until the items ship. Canadians may order from B&H Photo with Free Shipping (since the items are above $99 USD) and even get the items pre-cleared through customs.

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As every year, the Javits Convention Center hosted Photo Plus Expo in New York. This is the biggest photography convention in America with plenty of new products unveiled just before the show or as it opens.

Canon sprung the gates open with their Powershot G1 X Mark III announced here just 10 days before the opening of Photo Plus Expo. This is their new flagship Premium Compact, now sporting an APS-C sensor and a large 2.4 megapixels EVF built right in. It is essentially one of their mirrorless yet with a fixed 24-70mm F/2.8-5.6 optically stabilized zoom lens.

Nikon used the show to celebrate their 100th anniversary, with an enormous show case of cameras from their entire history. The main attraction though was the Nikon D850 that has recently started shipping to customers. This is their flagship 46 MP Full-Frame DSLR with a class-leading 0.75X magnification viewfinder.

Ricoh is still reeling from their first and only full-frame DSLR, the Pentax K-1. It was on display, along with the K-P and 645Z Medium Format camera at a very small both. No sign of the K-3 II and no word about its successor was said.  They made two surprise pre-announcement at the show:

Pentax D FA 50mm F/1.4 Prototype

The Pentax D FA* 50mm F/1.4 is a huge lens with a bright aperture for Full-Frame Sensors. It is said to have a new type of Sonic Drive Motor that is faster and much more reliable than the original. It should appear around the middle of 2018.

Pentax DA 11-18mm F/2.8

A prototype Pentax DA 11-18mm F/2.8 made its appearance. This is an ultra-wide angle constant aperture zoom for APS-C cameras to replace its aging DA 12-24mm F/4, arguably one of the best ultra-wide zoom of its time but now a rather old lens. Oddly, it seems to have been already removed from Pentax Canada and Pentax USA websites, leaving a significant gap in the range until the new DA 11-18mm F/2.8 is launched during the second half of 2018. This lens is slightly wider and offers an additional stop of light-gathering ability. It is surprisingly not weather-sealed.

More Photo Plus Expo announcements coming up in the next blog posts.

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