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It is almost time to say goodbye to 2017. This year has been full of excitement and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me as I circled the globe over 80 days through 11 counties, 8 of which I had never seen before. It has been a long time dream and the stars  aligned to make it happen. This made me rediscover my passion for travel and provided new challenges for Travel Photography. After all, this is what got me learning about digital cameras and turned me into one of the world expert on the subject.

Everything that is published at Neocamera is there to make people choose the right digital cameras for there needs, so that they can bring back amazing photography. It takes the right gear but most of all, it takes passion and dedication. The harder you work at it, the more success you will gain, learning from mistakes as you go along. So, even though the year is about to finish, keep shooting!

Digital cameras have had a dramatic shift this year with more expensive models pushing boundaries and price-points while delivering exceptional performance. This means that we are seeing few models but upgrades have been more significant. We expect next year to continue this trend. At the same time, the higher cost of digital cameras means that people will be keeping theirs for longer.

Neocamera will be back with exciting news starting the second week of January over the few days that lead to CES 2018. Stay tuned for the next level of digital cameras and lenses! It is just around the corner.

With that said, we hope that everyone enjoys the holidays and celebrates the new year with joy surrounded by people that we care for and love! All the best to everyone!

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It has been a few weeks since my return from an 80-day journey around the world and I have managed to sort through slightly more than half of all the photographs taken. During a course of 80 days (minus several taken by flights alone), a little over 4000 photos were taken.

Fernando de Noronha

The first four countries visited were Brazil, Portugal, Czechia and the UAE. Among those, the only lengthy stay was a month in Brazil, followed by 1, 2 and 3 days for Lisbon, Dubai and Prague respectively. Brazil is an enormous country and the time barely sufficed to cover the entire central coast, from Ilha Grande (South end) to Recife (North end), plus Fernando de Noronha (Pictured above), definitely one of the highlights of the round-the-world trip.

The entire gallery of Brazil travel photography is now available for viewing. Half of it is devoted to the famous and absolutely spectacular Carnaval de Rio. It is a must-do experience like to other!

Skipping over the barely-one-day stop in Lisbon, the next stop was Prague. This central European city, capital of the former Czech Republic and previously Republic of Bohemia, is rich in history which has been meticulously preserved. The city is split between the largest castle in the world and the historical old town, with the Vltava river separating them. A fine-art photography gallery of Prague was published at Neoluminance.


Dubai was used as the jumping point into Africa with a day on either side of visiting the lower continent. It is a huge metropolis that fuse futuristic and arabesque styles to create one of the most unique city in the world, right at the edge of the desert. Even with such a short stay, Dubai is quite photogenic when the sun goes down as can be seen in the Dubai Travel Photography Gallery published earlier this week.

Stay tuned for the second half of the Round The World tour as it continued through Africa and Asia.

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After challenging myself on an 80-Day Journey Around The World, I am back at the helm of Neocamera to resume operations. All new cameras and lenses have been added to our database and news news announcements will resume shortly. Digital camera reviews are starting soon to help you choose the ultimate digital camera for your needs! Also stay tuned as we work on major improvements to Neocamera.


Over 80 days starting in February, my journey crosses 4 continents and 11 countries: Ecuador, Brazil, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the UAE, the Seychelles, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and the USA. It took 36078 miles of international flights, plus 6 domestic flights, overland and boat travel. Vietnam was the only open-jaw segment where arrival was in Hanoi and departure was from Saigon. This trip-of-a-lifetime covered cultural sights, historic places, breath-taking landscape, sleepy villages, modern metropolises and the world’s largest Carnaval in Rio.

Fun it was! And I return with thousands of photos and stories to tell. Photography makes the trip more alive but many of the stunning sights, sounds and experiences never make into images and they shall remain memories to be cherished forever! 🙂

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Copacabana Night

Greetings from Brazil loyal Neocamera Readers! Recently, I started an  80-day journey around the world, a life-long dream of mine.  The likelihood of being able to do this for me as akin to planetary alignment! This year though, all the pieces fell into place and so the work began to line up travel segments back-to-back to create a personal journey through 12 countries on 4 continents. Over the next 2 months, I will travel 36076 miles to completely circle the globe towards the East.

This amazing journey-of-a-lifetime is being chronicled on Facebook at CircleTheGlobe. Follow the adventure as I take my trusty and well-used digital cameras to capture the light across the globe. Stay tuned for plenty of photography, camera and travel articles, plus new expect new stunning fine-art travel photography at Neoluminance. Thank you for your readership and all the kind comments!

Neocamera Updates will Resume in Late May 2017.

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Happy New Year to everyone from Neocamera!

Hope lots of good times and good health come in 2014 to each and everyone of you. It’s also time to  tell you all the truth about the new year, it will be mostly what you make of it! So to those who have, or are starting, a list of new year’s resolution, its put everything behind them and make them stick. Some things are completely out of our control though. For all those, may this be a lucky year!

2014 should be another interesting year for digital cameras. Sales of digital cameras have been down overall last year as the low-end market is being eaten up by cellular phones. Several camera makers have announced an emphasis on fewer entry-level models, so we can expect the mid-to-high end of digital cameras to grow and see more innovative products among them. Larger sensors are expected to make it into more compact cameras as Fuji and Sony have been setting the trend and those who do not follow are being left behind.

CES 2014 starts next week, so stay tuned for a slew of announcements in the days to come. We will be covering all the new cameras and lenses and adding them to our extensive searchable databases (cameras, lenses) as we receive specifications from manufacturers. Be sure to read out announcements as we do not repeat the press-release but describe the essence of each new camera and how it fits into the market, plus any truly innovative features that it may have.

We already have a camera in reviewed, so expect another steady flow of camera reviews from our unique and unbiased critical perspective this year too.

Happy 2014!

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