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The numbers are in and July 2013 marks the first time Neocamera reaches a million page-views in a single month, with just over 1,200,000 pages viewed by visitors at the closing of the month. Whoever you are and wherever you are visiting from, thank you! Thank you for making Neocamera a success and a trusted source for information and reviews of digital cameras.

Neocamera has evolved considerably since its launch just over 7 years ago. While we went through ups and downs, this year has seen explosive growth. Some of it was expected because the market of digital cameras is more complex than it ever was. There are now more types of digital cameras which offer different compromises in terms of image quality, speed and form-factor, making decisions tougher than ever.

Certain changes though yielded more impressive results than imagined. The floating menu-bar for example, led to a dramatic drop in bounce-rate because visitors always have somewhere else to go to. The publication of shorter reviews, some just one or two pages long, as opposed to the standard three, meant people read more of them. Both the camera search and lens search engines are extremely popular now since they let visitors easily find cameras or lenses with a given set of specifications or features.

As we continue 2013, expect plenty more reviews and continued coverage of digital cameras and lenses from every major manufacturer. Great news is coming and Neocamera will continue to offer its own unique and balanced perspective. Stay tuned and keep taking amazing photos!

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Black Friday means shopping madnes in the US, with lots of discounts and combos starting as early as midnight. Amazon is joining the fun with its Black Friday no-madness shopping experience. Just browse and buy. For those who like the Black Friday experience as much as the deals, there is the Amazon Customers Vote feature. Basically, users vote on which item they want a deal on and Amazon randomly selects users to buy the item at a ridiculously (their word) low price.

Now, before you all jump on these shopping opportunities, lets review the rules of deal shopping:

  1. The total cost of the deal, including applicable taxes and shipping, must actually be lower than the total cost at other reputable stores.
  2. A deal is only a good deal if you actually get the goods. Lookup seller ratings to check if a store is reputable. Read the fine print, items on special may be used, demos or refurbished.
  3. A deal is only a deal if it is on something you actually need or want (possibly as a gift 😉 )
  4. Do not downgrade your expectations because a lower-end model is on special. Also, be careful of upgrades which require much more expensive accessories.
  5. See if you can make your own deals by using a store’s policy to beat competitor’s advertised price. With all the Black Friday ads around, this should be easier. Remember, price match policies usually only apply for in-stock items.
  6. Once you got your deal item, make sure the accessories are well-priced too. Often stores give good prices on cameras but get you on memory, batteries and cables. Shop around for every piece.
Have fun shopping and happy Thanksgiving!

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FlashBlock is a browser extension that prevents Flash objects from starting automatically. FlashBlock works with Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox and SeaMonkey. The difference between using FlashBlock and not installing the Flash Plug-In is that Flash objects can be activated on-demand buy clicking on the FlashBlock place-holder. This way, Flash objects such as embedded video-players simply require an extra click, while unwanted Flash objects can simply be left unactivated.

Using FlashBlock provides several advantages:

  • Reduced CPU usage and improved browsing speed. There are many sites which use so many Flash objects on a single page that they can keep more than one CPU running at 100% and cause the browser to become otherwise unresponsive.
  • Reduced visual clutter and distractions. Flash is well-known for being, well, flashy. Sometimes so much so that it distracts from a sites contents. By the way, Neocamera has a no-Flash policy for ads.If a Flash ad appears, let us know and we will warn the publisher or distribution network.
  • Open YouTube videos in multiple tabs. Because YouTube uses a Flash video player, each time a tab is opened with the URL of a video-clip, it starts playing. A great example is the Related Videos column which appears on pages of YouTube videos. If you want to see multiple videos from one such column, clicking on one brings you to a page with a new list, so you have to open each video one at a time. The best way is to open each one in a new tab and then activate the video-player using FlashBlock as you view each tab.
  • Save the planet. Yes, FlashBlock helps reduce energy consumption because it lets you control which Flash player gets activated. This way, you can speed up your web-experience and do your part to conserve energy.

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FirefoxSooner or later you will hit the Backspace key by accident! If you running Mozilla’s Firefox or SeaMonkey – the new Mozilla Suite – this causes the browser to go back one step in history. Often, while filling an online form or writing an email, I hit Backspace to make a correction and …wham… I lose everything that I typed in! Going forward in history does not always fix the problem due to they way forms are handled.

Fear not! There is a simple solution. The secret is the about:config URL. Just type it in the URL bar. If you are not in immediately, you’ll get a warning saying that it is dangerous… Just accept and you’ll be in for real. Then, in the entry field next to Filter, type backspace. This will filter out all the settings that have nothing to do with Backspace. In my setup, which is SeaMonkey 1.1.8, there is only one setting which remains: browser.backspace_action. Double click on the value at the end of that row (it should say 0) and enter the value 1 when the dialog box appears. Click OK and you’re done: The backspace key no longer steps back in the browser history.


Seamonkey Logo

Seamonkey is the official name of the latest Mozilla internet suite. While many have moved to the Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox browser, many such users miss the simplicity and elegance of Mozilla which was previously used as the foundation of Netscape navigator, mail and composer. According to the latest statistics at W3Schools, 28.8% of Internet users now use a version of Firefox.

This is a great stride for Firefox. While both Firefox and Seamonkey are modern browsers supporting open web-standards, extensions and even propriatary plugins, there are differences in their usability. First, Seamonkey in an integrated suite. Unline Firefox, Seamonkey comes with an email client and an HTML composer. This avoid integration problems where Firefox has to rely on Thunderbird which does not fully work accross different versions. Second, the interface is different. Firefox has a toy-like and more graphical interface which uses relatively more screen space by default. Seamonkey, however, provides a lean and simple interface which is more efficient.

One difference is that Firefox uses 2 text-fields, one for locations and one for search. Seamonkey can do both these actions but with only a single bar. It is not so bad, with Firefox you can get rid of the search text-field and use short-cuts in the location text-field. There is also a Firefox extension to resize the search bar, which is too small to begin with. Then again, why bother? In Seamonkey, you can do both from the start, either with the 2 graphic button or buy using the down-arrow to activate the search feature before pressing enter.

Those who installed Firefox and stopped using it because of its interfance or lack of an email client and composer, should defintely try Seamonkey. If you have not tried these web-browsers, why not try them both and decide for yourself? Compatibility is not such a big problem anymore with sites being designed for all sorts of devices now. Many sites, like Neocamera, are tested with dozens of browsers to provide the most uniform look possible. Too bad we could not get all our dynamic content to work with Opera.

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