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Nikon is the first digital camera maker to announced at CES 2019! Today, they announced the Nikkor Z 14-30mm F/4S lens which was mentioned on the initial roadmap for the Z-system launch.

Nikkor Z 14-30mm F/4S

The new Nikkor 14-30mm F/4S is a Z-mount ultra-wide constant-aperture zoom lens. Its ultra wide angle covers a 112 field-of-view which is very wide even for a full-frame lens. It sports a wide zoom ring and customizable control-ring, like other S-series lenses for the Z-mount, in a weatherproof construction.

This lens is built to take advantage of the short flange-distance of the Z-mount, allowing it to be very compact and light despite its constant maximum aperture. it measures 89mm in diameter, 85mm in length and weighs just 485g. Unlike most lenses with such wide coverage, the Z 14-30mm supports front screw-on filters thanks to its 82mm thread.

The Z 14-30mm F/4S has a suggested price of $1300 USD or $1800 CAD and is expected to ship this April. Adorama is already accepting pre-orders for the Z 14-30mm F/4S here. As usual, your credit card will not get charged until the item ships while ensuring to be among the first to receive this essential Z-system lens.

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