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Today Canon stunned the world of digital photography with a huge leap in resolution by releasing two new 50 megapixels full-frame DSLRs. Falling just one megapixel shy of the state-of-the-art medium-format Pentax 645Z, the all-new Canon EOS 5DS and Canon EOS 5DS R are twin cameras with and without low-pass filter effect. Taking the same approach as Nikon did with their D800 and D800E twins when they took the high-resolution crown 3 years ago tomorrow.

Canon EOS 5DS

These two DSLRs feature a newly designed 50 megapixels CMOS sensor with ISO 100 to 6400 sensitivity, expandable to 50-12800, and paired with ultra-fast Digic 6 processors which can process these huge images at 5 FPS. This can be sustained for 14 RAW files or an incredible 510 JPEG images. As members of the 5D family, these high-end tools each have a large 100% coverage viewfinder with 0.71X magnification in a fully weather-sealed body with dual control-dials.

Canon EOS 5DS R

The Canon EOS 5DS R is identical to the 5DS except that the two layers of its anti-alias filter cancel each other. This lets the camera by built using the exact same manufacturing chain. It also promises to out-resolve any digital camera other than the Pentax 645Z which also does not use an anti-alias filter and sadly does not have a 100% coverage viewfinder which means the extra megapixel it captures is unseen until shot, except when using Live-View.

The 5DS and 5DS R are expected to arrive in June this year for $3700 USD and $3900 USD, respectively. Check back the camera specification pages, linked above, for upcoming pre-order options.

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