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An express review of the Canon Powershot SX610 HS, one of the latest ultra-compacts to hit the market, was just published at Neocamera. This digital camera packs an 18X optical zoom lens for the most reach of any ultra-compact, equivalent to a 25-450mm lens.

This pocket-size ultra-zoom is designed to take on the most serious threat to ultra-compacts which are actually cellular phones. Those have been eating away sales of ultra-compacts for the last few years by offering convenience and similar image-quality but with little to no optical zoom. By incorporating a stabilized wide-angle 18X optical zoom lens, the Canon Powershot SX160 HS exceeds the reach and versatility of any cellphone.

Canon Powershot SX610 HS

This model aims to match the simplicity and convenience of phones by offering completely automatic operation plus wireless connectivity via WiFi and NFC. Read the Canon Powershot SX610 HS review to find out how this pocket-camera performs.

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