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Canon Powershot SX100 ISIt has been very busy here since the full-review of the Canon Powershot SX100 IS was posted over a week ago on Neocamera, but the SX100 deserves a special mention as one of the few compact ultra-zoom cameras. By compact, we mean between 1″ (2.5cm) and 2″ (5cm) thick and by ultra-zoom we mean 10X or more optical zoom. This category of camera was born in the form of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1. Panasonic followed that model with the TZ2 and TZ3 early last year.

Although there were already a few small cameras with between 5X and 7X of optical zoom, a large number of consumers keep demanding more zoom and smaller cameras. As such, having cameras which advance on both fronts is quite appealing. That is why Canon and Sony did not wish to be left out of this category of digital cameras. So, last year, Canon and Sony introduced the SX100 and H3, respectively. Both feature 10X optical zoom, image stabilization and more controls than the Panasonic TZ-series does. The battle has begun! Healthy competition like this one always favors consumers who get increased choices and better prices.

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