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Over the weekend Neocamera published its detailed review of the Canon Powershot S90, an advanced compact which is in a class of its own. Canon created the S90 with photographic controls in mind, giving it full manual controls and a very efficient interface which is sure to please advanced users. They did not skimp on the rest either, giving it a low-noise 10 megapixels sensor with ISO 80-3200 range and a stabilized wide-angle lens with a bright F/2 maximum aperture and 3.8X optical zoom. Some may be pleased that the S90 also shoots RAW, JPEG and RAW+JPEG.

Read the detailed review to find out how it performed.

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One response to “Canon Powershot S90 Detailed Review Published”

  1. r4i software says:

    I was delighted to have finally received my Powershot S90, and without further adieu, let me say that this is one heck of a camera. It’s not perfect — you can take truly terrible pictures with it just like you can take terrible pictures with a D700 — but when used properly, the camera turns out remarkable shots that make us find it hard to accept the images are coming from a camera that fits in your pants pocket.



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