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This morning Canon unveiled during an online press conference their latest Full-Frame Mirrorless Digital Cameras. Two new models were added, along with 4 compatible lens and one high-quality photo printer.

Canon EOS R5

The new flagship Canon EOS R5 represents an entirely new level of specifications that takes Canon significantly ahead of everyone else with unprecedented features and capabilities. This camera is built around the recent RF platform designed to exceed in image quality and performance. It joins the previous EOS R and RF, along with a new R6 also introduced today, to grow the RF platform by a factor of 2X.

This mirrorless brings two drastically superior capabilities, one for all users and one for videographers. The most significant is a builtin image-stabilization system for the first time on a Canon mirrorless. The lack of IBIS has been a sore point for years because it gives so much benefits and applies to all lenses, whether native or adapted, or ultra-bright, or fisheye, etc. Finally, Canon created the world’s most powerful sensor-shift stabilization system, even surpassing Olympus that has been substantially ahead of the competition for a while now. The new Canon EOS R5 offers a groundbreaking 5-axis image-stabilization system with up to 8-stops of efficiency. This applies to both stabilized lenses and unstabilized ones. The key is always the up to but they are all specified this way because of so many variables involved.

The second major leap which Canon had previously announced is 8K video. While 4K is now the norm, very few cameras can record it at over 24 FPS and 6K is only possible on one camera. Canon jumped ahead to offer both standard 8K which is 4X the resolution of 4K and Cinema 8K which is 4X the resolution of Cinema 4K that offers a wider aspect-ratio. The throughput required to capture 8K video allows the new R6 to also capture 4K at an unmatched 120 FPS! In yet another incredible feat of technology, Canon managed to record even 8K in 10-bit RAW or with numerous rendering options.

Canon EOS R5

The core of the Canon EOS R5 is a ultra-high-speed 45 megapixels Full-Frame CMOS sensor with Dual-Pixel 2 technology that offers an outstanding 1053-point Phase-Detect AF system with 100% coverage of the frame. This resolution is sufficient for extremely detailed poster-sized prints and is the higher ever of a Canon camera. Autofocus sensitivity is also class-leading with the R5 being able to focus down to -6 EV, one the R6 also announced today can focus in lower light.

This camera is also extremely fast, particularly for one that produces such high resolution images. With the Electronic-Shutter, it can shoot continuously at 20 FPS for up to 170 JPEG images or 83 RAW files. The Canon R5 also supports HEIF output which is a compressed wide-dynamic-range format. The Mechanical-Shutter can sustain 12 FPS for 350 JPG images, 280 HEIF images or 180 RAW files.

As flagship digital camera, the R6 has everything expected by professional photographers. This includes an ultra-sharp 0.5″ EVF with 5.8 megapixels, a large 0.76X magnification, 100% coverage and an essential Eye-Start Sensor.  This EVF is among the best-in-class with nearly identical specifications to other flagship Full-Frame Mirrorless Digital Cameras. The rear of the camera sports a 3.2″ Touchscreen LCD with 2.1 megapixels mounted on a rotating hinge favored by videographers. There is also a small monochrome status display on the top plate.

Canon EOS R5

Controls are plentiful on the R5. There are triple control-dials, an 8-way focus joystick and numerous buttons scattered on the top and back of the camera. The addition of a third control-dial is extremely welcome as the usual second dial Canon places low on the  back of the camera is uncomfortable to reach. While new, this model is designed to appear to existing high-end EOS owners with most controls being very similar. Canon also claims the same level of robustness and weather-sealing as their 5D-series of DSLRs. The body includes dual memory-card slots, one CF Express and one SDXC. This is common when transitioning to a new memory format yet has its drawbacks.

Without a doubt, the Canon EOS R5 is the most exciting digital camera Canon has ever launched. For the first time in a long time, their specifications are not incremental but a huge leap ahead. Canon expects to ship their new flagship this month for $3900 USD or $5400 CAD. Preorder this exceptional camera at Adorama or B&H Photo as this is certain to be in high demand.

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