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Along with the launch of their spectacular new flagship, Canon introduced a mid-range Full-Frame Mirrorless that has the most important groundbreaking features at a much more affordable price-point.

Canon EOS R6

The new Canon EOS R6 takes the 20 megapixels CMOS sensor from the very expensive flagship EOS 1D X Mark III DSLR and mounts it on a class-leading 5-axis image-stabilization system that compensates for up to 8 stops of camera shake. This combination alone should be reason enough to buy the R6 without reading further! This  sensor is currently the best-performing sensor Canon has ever made with an ISO 100-102400 sensitivity range, expandable to ISO 50-204800. Its throughput can capture full-resolution images at 20 FPS and 4K Ultra-HD video at 60 FPS.

In-Body-Image-Stabilization – known as IBIS – cannot be under-estimated. It is an incredibly enabling feature and so being able to perform better than any other camera puts the R6 ahead of the competition. Every single lens gets automatically stabilized, including adapted lenses and those with no stabilized equivalent such as Tilt-Shift, Fisheye and, of course, ultra-bright prime lenses.

Dual-Pixel AF has been perfected to a previously unseen level in the R6. This camera can focus at 1053-points using Phase-Detection anywhere in the frame with the most sensitivity of any camera ever. The R6 can focus down to -6½ EV, even better than the flagship R5, most likely due to its larger pixels.

Canon EOS R6

Even with its relatively affordable position, the Canon EOS R6 packs all features professionals are looking for into a weatherproof magnesium body with dual SDXC memory-card slots. The R6 also sports triple control-dials for efficiency and plenty of external controls. The cost savings mostly come from the lower-resolution sensor and less powerful processor needed given its pixel count. There is also a different viewfinder unit which differs only in resolution. It still offers a large 0.76X magnification, 100% coverage and an Eye-Start Sensor but has 3.7 megapixels instead of 5.8 MP. At such high resolution, one would be hard-pressed to see the difference.

Given this fantastic camera is being launched for $2500 USD or $3500 CAD, it is certain to fly off the shelves when it arrives next month. For this reason, we highly recommend preordering. Our affiliates Adorama and B&H Photo are ready to accept these orders and will only charge credit-cards once the product ships.

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