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Since the introduction of the well-received S90, Canon has continued two series of premium fixed-lens cameras:

  • The G-series: Compact cameras with dual control-dials, a wide lens and hot-shoe.
  • The S-series: Ultra-compact cameras with dual control-dials and an ultra-wide lens with an ultra-bright maximum aperture.

This left the G-series without much justification except for using external lighting. Canon remedied this by introducing the excellent Powershot G1 X reviewed here with an large 1.5″ sensor. While it was also very well received, it made the G-series larger and heavier, putting it competition with SLDs from other manufacturers.

Today, just in time for Photokina, Canon added models to both G and S series.

The most notable is the new Canon Powershot G15. This introduces an intermediate model which is smaller than the G1 X and uses the same smallish sensor as the S-series but with an ultra-bright F/1.8 – 2.8 lens with 5X optical zoom, equivalent to 28 – 140mm.

Canon Powershot G15

The new lens is marginally brighter at wide-angle and considerably brighter at the telephoto end than the latest S-series cameras. This gives the image quality advantage to the larger G-series which makes sense from buyer’s perspective: The choice is between smaller camera or higher image quality. This also extends to the G1 X which has even better image quality and is substantially larger as well.

The other update today is the new Canon Powershot S110. This time the update is minor, adding a touchscreen and built-in WiFi compared to its predecessor, the S100. Obviously, the S110 keeps the dual control-dials, full manual controls, bright ultra-wide angle lens and sleek compact design.

Canon Powershot S110

Both these new cameras are schedule to be available next month. The G15 can be preordered from Amazon for $499 USD and the S110 can be preordered from Amazon for $449.

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