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Canon introduced 4 new RF lenses along with their 2 new mirrorless cameras this morning. This brings the number of Canon-made native RF lenses to 15 less than 2 years after launching the system! This really shows how big and innovative Canon is. In fact, they are the second most innovative company in history after IBM, although it is not just about cameras and lenses.

Canon RF 100-500mm F/4-7.1L IS USM

First up is the already previewed Canon RF 100-500mm F/4.5-7.1L IS USM. This super telephoto zoom has a conventional design with a unusually dim aperture. Although now that the R5 and R6 cameras can focus to -6 EV or lower, that may not matter as much for performance yet remain advantageous for bulk.

This is relatively high-quality lens complete with weatherproof construction. It bared the L mark indicating the Canon upper-range of lenses. For such a long lens, it manages a surprising 0.33X maximum magnification at 500mm where it can focus down to 1.2m. At 100mm though, the minimum focus-distance drops to 90cm which lowers magnification.

This lens is expected in September fo $2700 USD or $3700 CAD.

Canon RF 85mm F/2 Macro IS STM

Next is the unfortunately named Canon RF 85mm F/2 Macro IS STM. This is not a macro lens yet it can focus fairly closely to achieve 0.5X magnification. On a Canon EOS R5 with cropping it can be used for a 12 MP macro. This is one of the few stabilized prime lenses for the system, most likely for compatibility with the original RF and R models.

It is a relatively compact lens yet weighs half a kilo which we hope translates into high optical quality. The lens sports a focus-limiter and customizable control-ring. As a standard-series lens, it is not weatherproof. This lens is scheduled to arrive in October for $600 USD or $850 CAD.

Canon RF 600mm F/11 IS STM

A pair of extreme telephotos follow. Both are fixed-focal-length design with an uncommon fixed F/11 aperture. Their collapsible design make them extremely compact when closed down and they are both relatively light. Even so, these are stabilized autofocus lenses with a very long reach.

Canon RF 800mm F/11 IS STM

Both the Canon RF 600mm F/11 IS STM and Canon RF 800mm F/11 IS STM are expected by the end of this month. Pirce for the 600mm is $700 USD or $950, while the 800mm will go for $900 USD or $1250 CAD.

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