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Canon Canada just launched a site that lets people try out exposure modes and settings on a virtual camera at Outside Of Auto. If you always wonder what happens when you change exposure settings, try it out. The simulation is very good! Here is the full press release:

Canon Canada Helps Photo Enthusiasts
Take Control ‘Outside of Auto’
New website helps teach budding photographers to take creative control through the use of manual camera settings
MISSISSAUGA, ON, 24 January 2013 – Canon Canada Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, announced today the launch of – an interactive website that encourages shutterbugs to take creative control of their photography with a basic understanding of exposure settings. Visitors to the site can manipulate the look of a photo by adjusting manual camera settings including aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.
An image of a bedroom with children’s toys, including a model airplane with a moving propeller, is used to demonstrate how users can manipulate the “look” of their photo with simple adjustments that can change depth of field and how motion is captured.
Through exploration, users can learn to use Shutter Priority Mode to either freeze action or show motion, two dramatically different looks that can be applied to real life photo opportunities like amateur sporting events. Users can also experiment with Aperture Priority Mode, which is ideal for making the subject of a portrait stand out against a soft background blur or keeping the foreground, subject, and background sharp for dramatic landscape photos. Additionally, visitors can challenge themselves with full manual and take total creative control.
“We developed the Outside of Auto site as a first stop for people who are new to photography and want to experiment outside of a camera’s automatic modes and learn how to take creative control of their photographs with a DSLR,” said Ian Macfarlane, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Imaging Technologies & Communications Group and Market Development Group, Canon Canada. “With this site, both amateur and intermediate photographers can learn how easy it is to take breathtaking photographs using manual camera settings.”
The interactive website allows users to “learn” about the various features of a DSLR, “play” with the settings, and take a timed “challenge” to test their new skills:
  • Learn: Where photographers can educate themselves about basic manual camera settings, the effects of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, and how these features impact exposure. There are also various tips for achieving different results, such as the ideal meter setting for a well-exposed shot and how it is best to use the lowest ISO possible.
  • Play: Where users can play with the actual Canon camera simulator and experiment with the various manual settings. Each photo taken appears with feedback that guides the photographer through a range of camera effects.
  • Challenge: Where photographers can test their skills and apply what they have learned. For example, one phase of the challenge directs users to “keep the shot sharp from the foreground to the background”. Users would know to close the aperture down with a high f-stop number to get the best shot.

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